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please help im dumb :( i downloaded it but its a pdf and i dont know how to play it, please help!

not a dumb question! this game is a tabletop roleplaying game contained in a text. so it's like a dungeons and dragons book, but zine-sized. hope this helps!


Hi, this game is great! thank u for making it hope 2 play and promote it uvu :3

aw omg thank you that's so kind of you


the girlfriend of my girlfriend is my friend is an RPG about being trans and a young adult. It employs a cool MS Paint aesthetic and includes 10 friendable and romanceable PCs. This game is light-hearted, fun and brimming with emotions!


trans people


yeah :]


I loved it!


thank you :]


this game is so cute and whimsical and adorable and i made silly characters in my head acting out scenes while reading the playbooks

it's not my kind of game but it reminds me when my buds and i used to roleplay all sorts of characters hanging out and doing stuff and i'm sure this game could easily give someone this same whimsy


this makes me so happy, thank you so much!


I bought the Ukraine Bundle and WOW I'm amazed at all the hidden gems I've been discovering and this is looking to be among the top. 

Even without yet playing, I find myself just in absolute awe at the love poured into this project. I'm going to wait until the next time I see my boyfriend to try this out together in some cozy attire - I'll be sure to share my experience when that day comes! :>

And from one furry artist to another: I adore this. ( •̀ ω •́ )✧


thank you very much for your kind words! this is really touching, i'm so glad you enjoyed reading my game so much. it's also... nice to have it in the hands of other furries elsewhere online, that's such a rewarding feeling. 

i hope you and your bf have a delightful time! bark bark :3 


woof woof ▼・ᴥ・▼

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im finding the game hard to understand - how would i set the scene and stuff if i dont know where it is? and how do the finales really work? also some of the characters are difficult for me to understand - idk if im being dense but i dont really know how to explain it to my friends to get them to play. id bee really happy to hear your reply or message you to figure it out :)



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hi seth, thanks for your comment. you're definitely not being dense!! this game is part of a particular niche culture of tabletop roleplaying game writing called "GM-less games", or "no dice no masters" games, and i can understand it being hard to access if this is your first crack at a GM-less game (and, in addition, i put a lot of myself into this game—it is a game about trans people hanging out and making art and living their lives together, and i can see how that might not be something accessible for just anyone.)

i'll answer your questions as best as i can, and if you'd like, i can leave some resources that might be helpful too.

i would describe girlfriend as a slice-of-life game about the magic in the everyday, the power of art and style, and a celebration of the happy warm feelings we feel when we connect to each other. (its also a game about werewolves i think thats a cool part of it too)

first, i wrote girlfriend to support a kind of roleplaying that i personally enjoy: its gameplay is pretty freeform (you can basically do whatever you want) and the mechanics really only exist to get you started, help you transition between scenes, and offer guidance for how to end your story. 

for setting your scenes, it can be helpful to brainstorm some fast-and-loose details about your setting ("what if we set this story in fantasy london where everything's mostly the same but there are talking animals?" "what if we make our game like mob psycho?" "what if we set it in our city?" "what if we were all furries?" etc.) the intro section for each playbook can help guide this section, giving you some starting places for character-building.

once you have a few starting details for your world picked out, direct your attention to the "pick 1+ that is on my mind during my first scene" section for a few of the characters. you can use these to build your starting scenes — for example, maybe the EDM Witch has made a breakthrough on their project and is meeting up with the Band Lesbian, who is going somewhere and wants someone to come with them, because they're scared to go alone. this can be enough material to start a scene, especially if you take time to discuss with the other players and flesh out compelling details. (what breakthrough did i just make? where are you scared to go alone? this is a GM-less game, meaning it's a shared responsibility across the table to help brainstorm these details together!)

girlfriend is more freeform than a game like D&D (you have to decide your character's objectives — but the playbooks have tips to help guide you there!) and that means it's up to the players to decide where to start and end scenes. you might set one in a cafe and open on the characters meeting up, for example, and then end the scene after they've made a decision on what to do next, and cut away to different characters, or something like that.

i will say, too, that this is a slice-of-life game, meaning the scenes focus on what a usual moment in the characters' lives look like. it's okay to just have a scene where, for example, you're all hanging out and talking about life, or gossiping, or making something together, or maybe going somewhere together. a scene can just be describing an experience we share, and talking about how each of us is feeling during that shared activity.

in the end, i want to say it's okay if this game isn't a good fit for your group — it's definitely tailored to offer you a specific type of roleplaying experience, one that's silly, dreamlike, doodly, and that centers around trans people and their experiences. this isn't what everyone looks for in their games, and that's okay. 

i hope this is helpful for you. if there's anything else i can help you out with, let me know.


your reply has been incredibly helpful, thank you. i am one of the weird trans nonbinaries myself and this game looks fantastic - i think if i can explain it well enough, i can sort the right group. i'm going to continue to use your comment as a guide for when we do play it :)

thank you for your help, your game is very well-made and pretty and i will see how things go :)


seth :)


this made my whole week. i'm so glad my game touched you and i really hope that you and your friends have fun with it.

thank you for your kind words. you can always reach me here or on twitter if you want to talk!

sasha <3


hi hi :3 here's the official playlist for the girlfriend of my girlfriend is my friend! posting in comments 4 the algorithm hehe


and here's the mirror on spotify:


I utterly adore this, it is such a wonderful experience to read through and enjoy alone and now I've had a chance to experience it in play I'm so excited to play it again!


ahhh!! that's so exciting, thank you so much for letting me know!! i would love to hear about how your game went, i'm so glad you had a good time :3 


Thank you for making something so human and touching. It felt like holding little pages of stardust. I think when something is written from such a deep place, it has the ability to move everyone regardless of how they identify.

It's games like these that show how this media has transcended into something that is art. I hope it's enough that a few dedicated people notice you but I wish the world could too. :)


this means a lot to me, i'm very glad that my game was able to reach you like this. thank you for your kind words.


This game is so delightful, I love how the playbooks worked. The editing is actually amazing, reads wonderfully, and makes you smile with every line. So much care went into this, I can't wait to play it and create my own silly playbooks.


I love this game, it's clearly got a lot of heart and is a great exploration into queer culture and trans feelings specifically. Love seeing work by and about other trans people- keep it up!


thank you!! <3


This is one of the best games I've read here in months, and I'm not kidding at all. I'm far from the ideal target and the MS Paint aesthetic is not my jam, but by god is this game packed with amazing playbooks, great mechanics ideas and an overall exciting atmosphere. That it's available for free is a crime, and you should all become criminals right now!


thank you so much, this means a ton!! very glad you enjoyed it :3 

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I guess I should say something about the last playbook, "the girlfriend of my girlfriend", even though for this project I wanted to leave it ambiguous, a mystery for you to play through and explore however you would.

The characters in this game explore different sides of transness as I've experienced it. At different stages and sometimes at once, I am and have been all of these characters. 

At times, I have really felt the transience in my relationships with others -- have felt myself slipping away, have felt myself hesitant to connect in a way I wanted to mere seconds ago, have felt myself flirting with an offer for connection and preferring not to answer the question.

This playbook is my exploration of that in relation to my transness. I don't know what more I can say about it than this, and I still want my dear character to be a mystery to you!! But I hope this elucidates the point behind it all -- what I wanted them to bring to my game.

Thank you all for reading, and for all your generous support so far.

sasha <3