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a body you can get away with; or: a list of things that are erotic is a manifesto.

some of it has been stuck in my throat for months. some of it has been stuck in my throat for years. in a way, it's a promise and a look-ahead of the art i'm going to continue to make. 

i did all of the writing, format, and layout in four hours for the Manifesto Jam 2022. i hope you enjoy it.

content notes: sex, transmisogyny, violence, weed; brief mentions of infectious disease, police

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TagsErotic, essay, Lesbian, memoir, nonfiction, NSFW, Queer, Slice Of Life, Transgender
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I love how you structured this! I'm a gay(ish?) transmasc, but I think the beauty of queer love and how you wrote about it is such a universal powerful experience.

I want to hold them, my queer experiences and those of others, even yours too! Our queer bodies are beautiful and resilient, and I'm glad I can get away with it too.

Thank you

I wish I was more articulate but thank you for being exactly who you are, and thank you for writing this.

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hello sasha,

the 46 one made me get up from my bed and write some things for myself. it was nice. i also let myself have some fun and write down some punkts in similar style from my own place of raw honesty. self-exploration hell yeah o^o

i cannot relate to a lot of things from the manifesto, but by the end the existence of it made me happy. i am also v happy and grateful i got to read it. it made me think and quietly contemplate on the pact of love i made with myself a few years ago; how people change and grow and survive, how i change and grow and survive. thank you for the community copy, i will cherish it and keep in my mind corner as a proof that being trans does not mean i will have to hold my breath for forever. 

i loved and related to the punkts 21-26, 28, 35, 62, 65 (i have not experienced that with another person, but sometimes i get to see myself throught the lens of self-love that evoke similar wondrous "oh"; thank you for granting me the realisation of that it is and the reminder of how it can feel), 70-73. 

i never normally write comments as letters, it just felt right. hope u r trivin still. thank you very much and happy pride! 

with imaginary grateful smiles and with hugs,



hi nik, 

thank you very much for your words, i am humbled to hear that my writing inspired you!

about 46 — this was a tool a friend gave me, which was given to them by their therapist. i do this ritually, fairly often, even if i'm only vaguely feeling thoughts of doom creep in. it really really helps me. i hope it can help other people.

a lot of this text is a tool to help me get through a hard place. honestly i need to read this now more than i did when i wrote it. so it goes. 

thank you for leaving this comment, and happy pride.

yours in solidarity,



As a recently discovered non-binary person, this zine really connected with me. Thanks for making this zine :)


This was fucking awesome, thank you for this

thank you, i am glad you enjoyed it!!


I'm transmasc, but I've definitely loved trans women. I see shades of the dolls I've kissed in this writing, and shades of myself, too. Thank you for this raw, sexy, honest, ferocious piece of queer lit, sister. I feel fed by it, and I'm going to recommend it to my trans friends of all genders. xo.


this is really touching, thank you so much for your comment. <3 


Thank you so much for making this, I love it!


just quoting myself here: this fucking slaps …it slaps SO hard reading this makes me love being a trans woman so fucking much. it’s that feeling i get by listening to Tami T or Sophie

this means so much to me, thank you for your kind words