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you were created for war.

you were built somewhere terrible and austere. your pieces came from places the galaxy wide, planets that your creators, the colonizers, clutch like strangling vines.

you must make your own path now.

blood vessels is a solo roleplaying game about a single spaceship, once created for war, now taken in by various bands of misfits, finding its own way in a universe it was designed to ruin.

this game is a hack of Jack Harrison's Bucket of Bolts and was designed for the Lost & Found Game Jam!

CategoryPhysical game
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TagsGM-Less, Horror, physical, Singleplayer, solo, Solo RPG, Space


Buy Now$7.00 USD or more

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Odd. It seems I'm reflected in it, in what I write, in how it plays out,

but it pushes me in its own way too,

it feels very natural to write _on the page_ as I wish. I'd probably scribble if I was on paper and not using the Pdf.js annotations.


Just finished my first playthrough and I'm genuinely a bit overwhelmed. I've gotten so invested over the fate and anxieties of this little ship and the people around it, the web of their stories, of becoming something more and different than you were told to be. An extremely hard-hitting, simple, elegant, and well-written solo rpg. 100/10 would recommend!


i'm halfway through playing this and i love it SO much. i'm now unreasonably invested in a spaceship. the instructions to take a break between acts is a lovely touch and really makes the game feel like vignettes in a wider story that i don't want to break by zooming out and looking at the entire thing. i want to write a more coherent review but i can't stop thinking about redemption via the power of love and hard work and interstellar timescales


thanks for sharing, i'm so glad you're enjoying the game!! good luck on your long voyage <3


Thought-provoking, interesting, really got me thinking about personhood and emotions and people and relationships! A great solo play experience for sure.


thank you so much!! i'm so glad you enjoyed it :3