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Worldbuild together — journal in secret.

HEARTMELTER is a collaborative play-by-post storytelling game where you can do anything except roleplay. You'll talk about your characters... but never as them.

You’ll journal alone to record your own character’s feelings and actions, and keep that part private, revealing details deliberately and artistically to the other players (while never roleplaying as your character). Together, you’ll explore the story of your characters, the connections between them, and the thing that’s isolating you all from the rest of the world, bringing you together.

All of the writing and graphic design for HEARTMELTER was completed in under 48 hours. I designed it for the Lowkey Little Game Jam hosted by k.w.

Special thanks to Jacob Allyn of Clawhammer Games for helping me out with visual accessibility for my design work on this project!

HEARTMELTER is currently in an open beta of sorts! I'm running some playtests and might release some updates soon! Feedback is welcome, go ahead and leave it in a comment or in the reviews!


  • "This game makes me feel like I'm 13 years old and at creative writing summer camp again. In other words, HEARTMELTER absolutely slaps."
    Rook Feld, gender jester


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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haven't played yet but even just the premise of this game kicked off an OC Moodboard trend with my friends so A+ 10/10


that's incredible, thank you so much


haven’t played it yet but this looks so cool!! reminds me of all the game concepts and characters me & my friends have come up with and talked about but never actually started “playing” in the way the game we came up with them for defines play. also i love the part about playing as the fandom 💙


thank you so much for your comment!! that's exactly the kind of feeling I wanted to capture — the sort of fandom-feeling part of listening with dreamy eyes to your friends tell you stories about their characters :3

WOW this is getting a lot more traffic in its first hour than i expected

before i go, if you wanna engage with this work and help me spread it, feel free to spread this tweet:



aaand here's the official playlist for HEARTMELTER :3 happy melting!


here's the mirror on spotify!