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her leylines are all around us. they lay between the layers of the earth. they are what lets the world whisper through me.

her leylines speak to all of us. will you listen?

her leylines is a 1 - 2 player storytelling game about the surreal history of a magical wilderness and the empires who rise and fall around it.

I wrote this game in about 6 hours for Clawhammer Games' 24-hour "Empire" game jam.

the photographs in the cover and banner images are by Johannes Rapprich, licensed by CC 4.0.


Buy Now$6.00 USD or more

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Wonderful game and worldbuilding tool! Would highly recommend.

thank you so much!


Hey, I loved the game! I wrote up my full solo actual-play, you can read it here: https://cohost.org/pauly3d/post/111482-seal-god-stories

this was such a wonderful read!! thank you so much for playing my game!


This game looks interesting, but I am a not entirely sure how to use the Major and Minor truths.  Especially the ones listed together. If you chose the Major truth, forested,  for example, are the minor truths under that (rooted, and in the thick of it) included, as ways to tell about the Major truth from the start, or are those then chosen separately later?

hello, and thank you for your feedback!

if you want my interpretation, major and minor truths are separate, and are unlocked separately. you can take a major truth first before subsequently taking its minor truths in any order.  those minor truths call back to their associated major truth, and draw that major truth into the spotlight by giving your place more abilities associated with that natural element.

however you use it, i hope the mechanics give back to your play as feels right to you given the fiction. would it make sense for a place to be rooted if it were not already forested? can a place arise were it not already asleep? these are questions only you may answer about your wilderness.

thanks again!