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WOLVES INSIDE ME is a map-making game for werewolves. i have been playing it for as long as i've been a werewolf.

this is a story about rage and hiding and being monstrous and touching the beating heart of the city and screaming with it. it is a love story to a traumatizing part of my life. please read the content warnings below before you read this game, i mean it.

this game is 41 pages of layout, image and text and was written and created in about seven days for the TRANS FUCKING RAGE JAM, a multimedia jam i'm hosting right now. join here, and spread the word here!

this work contains adult content and is 18+.

this is an antifascist work of trans lit. if you're not down with that, fuck off.

content warnings

police violence, ptsd, (werewolf) sex, trans death, transmisogyny, violence


  • "a raw wound of a lyric game that dares you to try and play it, at once tender and brutally cathartic."
    carrie imago, creator of his red hand
  • "reading this game felt like ... when you play a note on an instrument and something across the room vibrates because that's its resonant frequency. [sasha] played a note and it made my soul vibrate." 
    nos woods, creator of ode to becoming
  • "beautiful and tender ... spoke to me on such a level i think i choked on air."
    atlas-eel h.
  • "feels the way that remembering something beautiful and horrible and everything in between years after feels; visceral, vulnerable, and astonishingly warm."
CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(84 total ratings)
TagsErotic, Horror, journaling, LGBT, solo, transformation, Transgender, Tabletop role-playing game, werewolf
Average sessionAbout an hour


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Very powerful and raw, 10/10

the story within the story is visceral and sticks to your teeth as you read it, and the creation of a world around its nerves in the form of a subway system is such a fun and interesting way to look at map making. I really enjoyed this experience, thanks for sharing!


This is so incredibly powerful and raw. Amazing work as always!


cannot believe this is from almost a year ago ??? just went back and reread it and my god sasha. you blow me away !! this is the type of writing that makes my eyes glaze over because it's seeing so deeply into them

wahhhh you flatter me!! thank you for your kind words lycan!! <3 <3


Love this! Fierce and personal and moving! Thank you!


thank you so much for your kind words!


fucking incredible as always. obsessed w ur work sasha, this ripped my heart out and bit it and then put it back. /pos. werewolf transgenderism